Kühlbarra for the environment.
Kühlbarra for our families.
Kühlbarra for our future.
Kühlbarra diligently operates our facilities with one goal – to be as sustainable as possible and to deliver the tastiest, healthiest, safest fish possible.

Our facilities leave minimal carbon footprint on the environment. Our fish are raised in the open ocean waters, eating a sustainable plant-based diet allowing our barramundi to grow full of nutrients, while requiring far less natural resources than other fish. We actively manage our farm to mitigate environmental impacts by controlling low animal density and monitoring wildlife interactions.

Being sustainable means we will not deplete our ocean or any resources that are necessary to sustain us into the future.

Kühlbarra barramundi is the best tasting, healthiest fish for you, your family and our oceans. Now that is something to feel good about!

At Kühlbarra, we are mothers, we are fathers and we love our families. That is why we take great pride in our barramundi and our people. We all eat Kühlbarra barramundi and we make sure that what we eat is healthy and sustainable.